Monday, April 21, 2008

This is from Taekwondo club. Boy was that a lot of fun! Watch out for when I come down the street!

The York Girl

This is a shout out of THANKS to the girl who ran from the grocery store after me afte ri had already rounded a corner and down the block from the store when she saw me drop my traditional peppermint pattie treat. What a nice girl! I was saved from my sugar low!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Random Pictures

This picture is me, but I am still trying to figure out when I became part zombie, because I am obviously not focused on the camera. haha! At least I got to wear my dress!

This is my favorite picture of mom. She was a good sport during her knee surgery....This always makes me laugh. how many pioneers were in wheelchairs I wonder????


It has been an interesting thought for me to consider the idea of potential. We each have it, we use it, we see it in others, and it isn't really an object or a trait, it is an opportunity. Kind of interesting.

We all have potential to do great things, have new adventures, learn knew ideas, live in new cultures, get exposed to new careers or relationships, and just generally do something great for the world. How can anyone be depressed when they consider the limitless opportunities that lie in store for them? The limitless POTENTIAL they have to make a difference? It is time to stop living in the comfort of what we know, so that we can step out into what we fear, allowing us the opportunity to have new experiences. I have certainly made life changes in moving from CT, to Idaho, to Hawaii, as those are all very different cultures. I admire those who travel from distant countries to go to college or to live. I hope that one day I can have that same experience.

Then I start thinking about why different people use their potential to make certain choices. It is incredible how we are all on the same planet and yet experience dramatically different lives that take us on different paths. Some of us realize our potential, and some seem locked out from it by the world.

In terms of career and potential, how does someone even begin to choose what do to for the rest of their lives when there is so much to enjoy in each career field? I just hope I live my life in a way so that I can look back on my life with a feeling of accomplishment and few regrets. the only way I am going to do that is if I reach out to the opportunities before me and utilize the potential that is dying to be realized.

then I start thinking about the potential of my friends, and I am humbled by the amazing things I can imagine them accomplishing. Keep working hard everyone!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Every night I walk home and for fun try to count the frogs that hide in the grass that I see on the way home. and then i wonder...where do they do at night? does anyone know?

you know what else I wonder about? Dry cleaning. How do you dry clean something? cleaning without liquid? Is it steam? How would steaming clean something? What chemical do you use?

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lindsay and I

The Hawaii temple is so pretty... :)

Docta Sloan

Do I look the part?

Return of the....Sister?

I will admit I have been rather lackadaisical when it came to updating my profile....last post was....last year! Oh dear. My sister has recently created one and insists on keeping up with it, so here it goes. Maybe a post a week if I am feeling ambitious.

yesterday I reached the epitome of clumsy. I work in the science stockroom, and decided to mop the floor. what do you think happened? Yes, I spilled the entire bucket all over the floor, leaving about an in on diluted pine sol on the floor (although it was very clean). So I sqeeg-eed (how do you spell that?) it all out the door. Thinking this wa a good idea, I was happy. However, I then realized about an inch of water was in the hallway and everyone was trying not to slip as they walked by. Since i was in flip-flops, I was particularly vulnerable. Long story short, I ended up walking home and changing flip flops and cleaning the hallway inadvertently.

People of BYU-H, know that the floor is clean!!!!

Is this lame? I don't know. But it was very funny at the time.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Triumph over the Pencil Guy

Today, I had a breakthrough! A guy who has been stalking me for the past three days, i have finally told off! It felt like winning a World War. This guy was so strange, unless you fall for the talks in third person, clingy, stringy, type. He was a pleasant fellow, and very thoughtful, but perhaps a little too forward. His philosophy was a little twisted as well, giving opinions on that 20 year olds are older than dirt, and that he talks to his inner child out loud when he's lonely. And it all started when i lent him my pencil becasue his pen exploded in class that sent pieces flying into the back of the huge football player seated in front of us. Lesson learned: give a stalker a pencil, and he'll want a piece of paper to write your number on.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Hiking Adventure

The other day I went hiking with a friend. It was quite the experience. We climbed over 4 mountains. By the time we got up the second, the sun was starting to get low in the sky. So we had tohike really fast to make it back to the car by dark...and to make the long story short, we didn't make it. We hiked started off hiking, and the path has pretty much become the mountain stream. My friend had bought a new pair of timberlands, so he was dry and comfortable. Of course, half way throught he hike, his shoes had gotten such a beating from the hike that the soles of his shoes fell off! But I learned many things from that hike. For instance, if you spray the deep forest bug spray accidentally on your lips, they go numb, making for interesting hiking conversation. I also learned how to spit cherry pits for distance while eating a snack over a cliff. And if there are other hikers on the path right below you, consider it target practice! Just remember to duck when they look up to see where the pit came from. Haha.

When we reached the top of the last mountain, by the way, we were really tired and sat down to enjoy the view. We were out in the open and all by ourselves on the top. Just as we sat down to enjoy the scenery, we saw a flash of lightning. There was thunderstorm right over our heads on the mountain. Needless to say, we left the area quite quickly.

By the time we got off the mountain trail, the sun had completely set. So you would thin we would be okay. However, there was another hour of hiking in the complete darkness back to the car over the foothills. Have you ever been lost in the deep woods without a light source? Darkness has a new meaning there. Eventually we got tot he car, and we were happy to make it home!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Seemingly Innocent

There are some in our world who have reached the point of their lives where they are to be called old. Isn't it interesting, however, that those members of our society may use their age to get away with whatever they want. For example, today I was sitting in a classroom and there was a much older woman, about 70 years old, sitting behind me. I have known her my entire life, and I joked about how she had better not cause any trouble. Next thing I know, I got hit in the back of the head with a crumpled up piece of paper during the lesson. Though she appeared innocent, she is just as fun and surreptitious as anyone else my age. So watch out for the senior citizens! They are as clever and eager to cause mischief as ever!