Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Triumph over the Pencil Guy

Today, I had a breakthrough! A guy who has been stalking me for the past three days, i have finally told off! It felt like winning a World War. This guy was so strange, unless you fall for the talks in third person, clingy, stringy, type. He was a pleasant fellow, and very thoughtful, but perhaps a little too forward. His philosophy was a little twisted as well, giving opinions on that 20 year olds are older than dirt, and that he talks to his inner child out loud when he's lonely. And it all started when i lent him my pencil becasue his pen exploded in class that sent pieces flying into the back of the huge football player seated in front of us. Lesson learned: give a stalker a pencil, and he'll want a piece of paper to write your number on.