Saturday, July 01, 2006

Hiking Adventure

The other day I went hiking with a friend. It was quite the experience. We climbed over 4 mountains. By the time we got up the second, the sun was starting to get low in the sky. So we had tohike really fast to make it back to the car by dark...and to make the long story short, we didn't make it. We hiked started off hiking, and the path has pretty much become the mountain stream. My friend had bought a new pair of timberlands, so he was dry and comfortable. Of course, half way throught he hike, his shoes had gotten such a beating from the hike that the soles of his shoes fell off! But I learned many things from that hike. For instance, if you spray the deep forest bug spray accidentally on your lips, they go numb, making for interesting hiking conversation. I also learned how to spit cherry pits for distance while eating a snack over a cliff. And if there are other hikers on the path right below you, consider it target practice! Just remember to duck when they look up to see where the pit came from. Haha.

When we reached the top of the last mountain, by the way, we were really tired and sat down to enjoy the view. We were out in the open and all by ourselves on the top. Just as we sat down to enjoy the scenery, we saw a flash of lightning. There was thunderstorm right over our heads on the mountain. Needless to say, we left the area quite quickly.

By the time we got off the mountain trail, the sun had completely set. So you would thin we would be okay. However, there was another hour of hiking in the complete darkness back to the car over the foothills. Have you ever been lost in the deep woods without a light source? Darkness has a new meaning there. Eventually we got tot he car, and we were happy to make it home!