Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lindsay and I

The Hawaii temple is so pretty... :)

Docta Sloan

Do I look the part?

Return of the....Sister?

I will admit I have been rather lackadaisical when it came to updating my profile....last post was....last year! Oh dear. My sister has recently created one and insists on keeping up with it, so here it goes. Maybe a post a week if I am feeling ambitious.

yesterday I reached the epitome of clumsy. I work in the science stockroom, and decided to mop the floor. what do you think happened? Yes, I spilled the entire bucket all over the floor, leaving about an in on diluted pine sol on the floor (although it was very clean). So I sqeeg-eed (how do you spell that?) it all out the door. Thinking this wa a good idea, I was happy. However, I then realized about an inch of water was in the hallway and everyone was trying not to slip as they walked by. Since i was in flip-flops, I was particularly vulnerable. Long story short, I ended up walking home and changing flip flops and cleaning the hallway inadvertently.

People of BYU-H, know that the floor is clean!!!!

Is this lame? I don't know. But it was very funny at the time.